Do you have sufficient edits to become an Administrator or Patroller?? Leave your requests here, and an administrator will come and oversee your request. If you the user has more than one account: you may only make one of them a patroller/administrator.***So far this wiki is in need of: 1. Three Two Patrollers 2. Two more Administrators

Required edits for patroller

User Group Edits Required for Nomination Time on Ipods wiki Required for Nomination
Patroller 100 7 Days
What is Patroller? A patroller is a User that checks the wiki for vandalism and offensive comments/messages.

Required edits for administrator

User Group Edits Required for Nomination Pages Required for Nomination Days on the wiki
Administrator 550 20 20-25
What is Administrator?:***An administrator has Rollback, Bureaucrat, and Sysop rights. They oversee and make decisions for the wiki. Are you up to the job??**Plus at least 2 votes from supporting active users on this wiki. Requirement subject to change daily without notice.

Administrators, Bureaucrats and Patrollers

Administrators on iPods Wiki:
Bureaucrats on iPods Wiki:
Patrollers on iPods Wiki:
  • None

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