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iTunes Store (online)


April 28, 2003 (as iTunes Music Store)[1]


Mac OS X, Windows, Apple TV, iOS


Protected AAC (.m4p) @ 128 kbit/s (no longer sold in the music store), audiobooks 32 and 64 kbit/s, Protected MPEG-4 Video (.m4v). As of April 2009, the iTunes Store sells unprotected AAC (.m4a) @ 256 kbit/s, and unprotected MPEG-4 Music Video (.m4v)(some still in protected format)


(Protected) Music — streaming to five computers every 24 hours, unlimited CDs (seven with an unchanged playlist), unlimited iPods and iPhones.


More than 14 million songs worldwide, 1,000,000+ podcasts (USA), 40,000+ music videos (USA), 3,000+ TV shows (USA), 20,000+ audiobooks (USA)2,500+ movies (USA), 250,000+ App Store Apps

Music, TV shows, and video Previews:

30 seconds

Audiobook previews:

90 seconds[1]

The iTunes Store was first opened on April 28, 2003[1]. It was Apple's First on-line Music library. When first opened, the now called iTunes Store was dubbed iTunes Music Store. According to Apple, they say that they account for 70% of sales for an on-line music store.[1] Making the iTunes Store the largest legal on-line music seller.[1] iTunes sells Music, TV Shows, Apps, Podcasts, Audiobooks, Movies, iPod Games, and even iBooks.

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