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iPod Nano 5th generation
20422 1253194531


8GB $149.99


FM radio, Video camera recording, pedometer

Operating System:

Mac 10.4.11 or later



Available in:

8GB, 16GB


Silver, Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow*, Orange, Pink, (Product) Red Special Edition*

Physical Size:

91 mm x 38 mm x 6.1 mm[1]


36.3 g (1.28 oz)[1]


The 5th generation iPod Nano was released in 2009. It features an FM radio, pedometer, Microphone, Itunes Tagging (over RDS) multiple radio regions including Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Japan. And a Video Camera. It was the first IPod Nano to use a different Apple Universal Dock Connector.[1]

References and/or sourcesEdit

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